Dogs eat bugs, dig, bury, hunt, nibble on dog grass, munch on herbs, eat nuts that squirrels bury, beg…and FORAGE

Forage Pet Foods is freeze dried raw.  We only select ingredients that your pet would FORAGE for on their own…naturally!

Wild Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Edible Insects, Grazable Fungi, Flowering Plants, Nuts, Botanical Berries, Edible Weeds, Herbs

NO: Artificial Ingredients, Colors, Flavors, Preservatives, Fillers, Grains, Meals, GMO’s

Meal worms, forage fish, salmon, green lipped muscles, rose hips, kelp, herbs…
Crickets, chicken breast, chicken feet, chicken neck, chicken heart, chicken liver, bee pollen, herb
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