1.  Over 80% of world nations…consume insects!

2.  Over 2 Billion people…consume insects!

3.  Entomophagy is popular in 26 Americas, 29 Asian, 36 African, 11 European countries

4.  Humans today eat over 2000 species of insects.

5.  It takes 100 lbs of feed to produce   5 lbs of beef.

6.  It takes 100 lbs of feed to produce 60 lbs of cricket protein. 

7.  2,500 Gallons of water produces 1 lb of beef.

8. 1 Gallon of water produces 1 lb of cricket protein.

9. Crickets pack TWICE the protein as beef!

10. Crickets contain all 9 human essential amino acids.

11.  Crickets are low in fat, rich in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and calcium.

12. People have been eating insects since pre-historic times…for thousands of years!

13. Insects are related to the shellfish family.

14. Crickets have a 7 week life cycle, eggs, to adult.

15. It’s estimated that Americans eat 2 lbs of insects annually…unknowingly.

16. Introduction to sushi in the 80’s had an ‘eww’ factor before becoming mainstream and lobster was considered the ‘cockroach’ of the sea.

17. The UN, Food & Agricultural Organization, urges us to obtain protein from insects.

18. Organic insect farms assure safe insect harvesting, free from pesticides and GMO’s.

19. Black, green, brown…wolf it down!

20. #DogsLoveBugs 

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