Raw Benefit Claims

◦ Fresher breath

◦ Increased energy

◦ Healthy weight

◦ Reduced Vet bill

◦ Decreased shedding

◦ Fewer or no allergies

◦ Minimal ingredients

◦ Better performance

◦ Optimal immune system

◦ Nearly odor-free stool

◦ Reduced stool volume

◦ More lean muscle mass

◦ Optimal nutrition absorption

◦ Reduced prescription drugs

◦ Low Glycemic Index – low carbs

◦ Less or fewer degenerative diseases

◦ Bio availability of essential vitamins and minerals

◦ Healthy teeth and gums.  Less tarter build up

◦ Glossy, soft, thick, shiny coat and healthy skin

◦ Reduces or eliminates rashes, allergies and itching

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